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Sofas & Armchairs


Sofas and armchairs are one of the main and expensive interior items in every house. This is a multifunctional furniture, which every day has a serious load.

After all, you should evaluate not only its appearance and dimensions, which should harmoniously complement the interior and match the parameters of the room, but also the functional characteristics and reliability of the structure.

A good sofa is composed of parts: the impeccable aesthetics of the fabrics, springs and materials providing unique comfort, a clear line of stitching, comfortable and modern mechanisms.


A GOOD SOFA IS...Sofas & Armchairs

Durability: to ensure that the sofa lasts as long as possible, you should choose a model with a reliable and well-dried wood frame, as well as a high level of build quality. Only then it will please you for many years, retain its original appearance throughout the life of the service, do not deform and will not begin to creak with time.

Convenience: choose a good sofa that will be used as a bed or as a place to relax in front of the TV and communicate with guests - fundamentally different tasks. But in any case, the model should be comfortable. If the sofa is too hard or soft for you, you run the risk of encountering many problems: back pain, discomfort in the muscles, insomnia, etc.

Functionality: choosing a sofa, pay attention to such additional options as removable armrests, built-in bars, sofa cushions in the kit. The additional functionality, of course, is reflected in the price, but makes upholstered furniture more convenient in daily use.

When deciding which sofa to choose for a living room, a bedroom, a nursery, a kitchen, an office and any other premises, you first need to evaluate the following characteristics:

FRAMESofas & Armchairs

The frame is the basis of the sofa, and the material from which it is made will help to understand how long this quality furniture will last for you. Let's figure out what is the best basis, what is the difference and what are the features of care and exploitation in this or that species.

Depending on what material it is made of, depends on the service life. The metal frame is reliable in operation and very durable. Equally reliable is furniture with a frame made of natural wood (oak, beech, mahogany, etc.). But such designs are not cheap. Frameworks from particleboard are much more accessible - they keep the form well and are completely safe. But, in order for the sofa to last longer, it is necessary to choose a model with a skeleton only from that chipboard, which is covered with a protective layer and has a bolted connection of parts.



Sofas with a metal frame are rapidly gaining popularity. They differ interesting appearance, among the model range, you can choose a product for any interior solution. And most importantly, in the event of a breakdown, such a sofa can easily be repaired and this service will cost you quite cheaply. For internal elements, steel plates are used, and for legs and bearing parts - tubes. For visible parts, aluminum or even an alloy based on titanium can be used. But the second option will be very expensive. Therefore, manufacturers prefer to do with steel.

Advantages: 1. Affordable price; 2. Good performance; 3. It is easy to rearrange from place to place; 4. Can be repaired in the event of a breakdown.

Disadvantages: Restrained succinct design. In more elegant models, metal is used as an additional material.

If the frame is dull, then it was covered with a special powder paint. It is used for painting metal beds and other furniture from the presented material. The coating has no odor and is an environmentally friendly product. It is applied in several layers, as a result, the frame gets additional protection from scratches and other damages.


MECHANISMSofas & Armchairs

Are you planning to lay out a sofa from time to time? Or will you sleep on it every night? Choosing a sofa for a house, it is necessary to give maximum attention to how it unfolds. Modern manufacturers produce models equipped with several types of sliding mechanism: "Book", "Dolphin". "Euro Book", "Accordion", a sofa with folding sidewalls or with a roll-out bed.

These are indispensable options in the limited space of a small apartment. All of them are reliable and can withstand multiple cycles of addition-decomposition.




It is both simple to use and reliable, which allows Sedaflex to be considered an ideal transformation option for permanent use. Sedaflex sleeping place is perfectly smooth, without bends and creases, and the folding mechanism is created from high-quality metal and therefore serves for a long time.

"Sedaflex" - two-folding mechanism of transformation. Accordingly, first you pull out one section from the sofa, taking on special loops, and then "unfolding" it until the folding metal legs are on the floor. Load up to 200 kg.

Furniture with such a mechanism has a thicker mattress, so the sleeping space is smooth and elastic. For a more comfortable rest, the Sedaflex mechanism is equipped with an adjustable head restraint.



The most expensive is considered soft leather furniture. It has its advantages: high resistance to abrasion, mechanical, chemical and UV-exposure, protection against moisture. No less practical, but much cheaper than a model with a leather substitute. But the most popular are such fabrics as chenille, jacquard and tapestry.

They are chosen as an upholstery for a sofa for every day, since such materials reliably protect the furniture and are almost inferior in terms of their strength and aesthetic characteristics to the skin. The main thing is that the same material should be applied both on the front part of the product and on the back, and all the seams should be smooth and accurate.

Manufacturers of sleeping and other types of sofas as a filler often choose such artificial materials as foam rubber and foam. Quite often spring blocks are used. The main criterion for choosing a filler is the purpose of the sofa. If you buy it primarily for sleep, it's better to stay on models with spring blocks. Such designs are not only convenient, but very durable and have high orthopedic properties.


Sofas with foam fillers are hypoallergenic, they are soft and comfortable. But with daily use quickly wear out. Those who want the sofa not to press through with time and at the same time remain soft, it is necessary to choose products with "stuffing" from a material such as latex foam. Thanks to a multitude of microcells, it "breathes", has an orthopedic effect and lasts for decades.



At your request, our specialists will come to your house and help you choose samples of fabrics for upholstery, as well as perform all measurements.


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