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3D Interior Visualization


Interior visualization is as close as possible to the reality of the image of the interior view of the room. Visualization of the interior in 3D format allows you to evaluate the full view of the future room, taking into account the installed furniture and other interior items.

Visualization creates the effect of presence, gives the opportunity to rotate 360 degrees to see every detail. It allows you to take a virtual walk through the interior of the business center, a country house or an apartment, to understand how everything will look in the end, to assess how harmonious the space will be with the decoration in the chosen style, furniture, decorative elements.


WHAT IS IT AND WHY IS IT NEEDED?3D Interior Visualization

Many customers, referring to the services of designers, do not always give them the authority to resolve all issues relating to style and decoration of the premises. They seek to control all processes. Most recently, simple drawings and schemes were being used, which were replaced in the modern world by various information systems, thanks to which the design of the apartment can be seen at the design stage.

Thanks to visualization, customers and customers come to mutual understanding - not everyone is able to understand clearly their wishes and requirements, to reconstruct the picture of the project in words. The suggested visual options will help the customer make the best choice.

Means of visualization of the room will allow you to see the room with different types of lighting - in daylight, night, evening, muted lighting, etc. The design of the project will determine the number of fixtures required for the room. Thanks to 3D visualization, the customer will quickly determine the version of the project, getting the final result much faster.

3D design ensures compliance with the proportions and sizes of each selected environment. The customer will be able to see the interior in both artificial and natural lighting. This greatly simplifies the choice of the model. To compose a similar layout requires less time. Creating a 3D project does not require as much human resources as a classic two-dimensional drawing.

The initial stage of the work is the preparation of a technical task that requires the determination of the size, style and texture of each object. In addition, the preparation of documentation for the layout of the premises is necessary, the finishing materials required for work are selected, a scheme for conducting the electrical network is drawn up, a plan for arranging the furniture is approved. If desired, the customer makes his / her changes at any stage of the project design. In cases where housing is at the development stage, the visualization project is prepared in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the customer.

Modern technologies provide a huge number of options that allow you to create mock-ups of any complexity. Talent, patience and a little time - all that is required to solve the tasks in the interior design.



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