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The room where food is prepared, where the hostess spends a lot of time should be equipped with the most modern home appliances and functional furniture, which should not only be comfortable for work, but also to please the eye, so you need to think about the design of the kitchens.

This is a very important detail that can not be missed, because here they not only cook, but often receive guests, spend time with a cup of tea or aromatic coffee and a fascinating conversation.


The best materials for the kitchen

Not all materials are suitable for making kitchen furniture. Some simply can not withstand high humidity and temperature extremes, others - are afraid of the effects of steam, and others - require special complex maintenance. Therefore, before buying, be sure to ask what the body of furniture is made of, as well as its facade and countertop and what kind of fittings it is used for. 

Housing for kitchen furniture is most often made of chipboard, MDF, multiplex and solid wood. The best kitchens are made from natural wood - such headsets are not deformed due to humidity, they are durable and stable and are designed for a very long life. Modern kitchen furniture is made of wood, treated with a special water-repellent composition.



The variety of materials used to make kitchen facades is huge. They are made of solid wood, laminated chipboard, MDF, covered with film or enamel, there are facades based on aluminum profile and frame facades, decorated with plastic or glass. What are the best facades to choose for the kitchen? Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages.

Recently patinated facades for the kitchen are gaining special popularity, for them many manufacturers offer a whole collection of films with patina. The main disadvantage of the facades from the MDF film is low heat resistance, the maximum operating temperature is up to 70 degrees.



Natural solid wood is the most traditional, expensive and prestigious material for kitchen facades. It looks solid and creates a respectable atmosphere. A natural tree is a classic that never goes out of style. With proper care, these facades do not lose their beauty for decades - except that they can slightly change the color under the influence of direct sunlight. But the tree requires careful handling. To clean these kitchens, you can not use aggressive chemicals and abrasives, they can only be wiped with a soft cloth.

Besides, wood is not the most plastic material, and it is very difficult to create facades with curved, wavy lines with it, which, in turn, determines the classical style of kitchens made of natural wood.



Kitchen worktops are the main working area for cooking. During operation, they are exposed to temperature changes, mechanical damage, contact with detergents and food. That is why high demands are placed on their quality.

Consumers pay great attention to design, due to which demand for imitation of natural stone and wood textures, models with exquisite patterns, etc., are deservedly sought.

Worktop for the kitchen is a work area and decor element at the same time, so if you decide to create an individual kitchen set, it's only a matter of time before you come across a choice.



Granite and marble countertops are some of the most popular natural stone products. A natural stone is very beautiful, looks respectable, it serves almost forever. But it has its own peculiarities - the natural stone is fragile and with strong bumps it can form chips, in addition, the stone can change color over time with frequent contact with products, especially for a stone of light shades. But the artificial stone is devoid of these drawbacks.

An artificial stone is a slab of stone crumbs and environmentally friendly resins. In appearance, it is no different from natural material, but it is much stronger and more stable both to mechanical damage and to the influence of aggressive detergents.


What style choose for the kitchen?

It is very important that the chosen style is liked by you and your family. We will tell you which styles are the most popular and how to organize the kitchen interior in one of them.

Kitchens in rustic style. Plaid curtains, cream-colored, copper pots and carved boards - so should look like a kitchen in a rustic style. This style is characterized, first of all, by the convenience and generous use of wood.

Kitchens in Art Nouveau style. Now modern is a very popular style. Modern kitchen, decorated in Art Nouveau style, painted in light colors, looks comfortable and thought out to the smallest detail. The use of modern built-in equipment is a must.

Kitchen in Scandinavian style. Scandinavian style is characterized by white in combination with a wide range of natural colors. The kitchen looks calm and cozy, in no way screaming. In such a kitchen should be enough storage space. The use of natural wood for furniture and decoration is very desirable.

Eclecticism in the decoration of the kitchen. If you belong to the people for whom the simplicity - a synonym for boredom, we suggest you try the cuisine in an eclectic style. Eclectic allows you to connect different colors, materials and motifs, only your imagination serves as a stop! Eclectic style is recommended for people who prefer individualism and absolute freedom in choosing an interior.

The only rule when choosing a kitchen - you should like the result. And if you have any questions, what style to choose and how to better fit it into your kitchen, SB TRADE designers are ready to advise you.



Your kitchen will be made to order by measure. You will choose the style, color and material, and we will offer a composite solution, design the kitchen and control its production.


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