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The interior design is a multi-stage process, the final result of which is an ergonomic and functional interior, made according to the wishes of the client.

Before proceeding to the design, our experts study in detail the technical parameters, the location of the apartment, the level of its natural light, even the view from the window. Successful design is impossible without prior familiarization with the habits, lifestyle of the owners, family composition.

3-d visualization of the project, as well as provided samples of materials, will allow you to pre-familiarize with the final result, consider the interior from different angles and make your corrections.



Modern man spends most of his life indoors. In such circumstances, it is unwise, and sometimes even dangerous, not to pay due attention to what surrounds us. For example, illiterate interior design can cause irritation, and a person does not even understand why he immediately spoils the mood as soon as he enters this room. At the same time, a properly conceived and implemented interior design project is able to change the life of its owner for the better.

In many films, the characters, starting life anew, seek to change the surrounding space and begin with a change in interior design.

Interior design is the creation of an apartment or room on the basis of aesthetic knowledge and personal preferences of who will be constantly in it. The main task of the designer is not just to equip the room with expensive and stylish furniture, but to find a way out of a desperate situation. For example, to make a small room spacious, add the effect of airiness, or from a large room to create a cozy room.

It is finding the optimal solution in sometimes contradictory forms that is the merit of the designer. At the same time, the designer should offer several options for interior design, from the cheapest to the elite.



Creating an original design is not easy. Since the birth of the idea to the implementation of interior design designer goes a long and difficult way, in which you can select several stages.

First, ideas and thoughts appear, which are then transformed into sketches. On the basis of sketches, a design project is created, on the basis of which working drawings are already drawn up, which are guided by the construction company when performing works.

Space is the interaction of surrounding objects. Space necessarily determines the character and lifestyle of the person living in it, so the task of the designer is to catch the personal qualities of the client and create a unique and inimitable space.

Composition is the interaction of interior objects. Properly selected composition allows you to turn all the items into a single unit. In design, there are laws that violate the not. So, in any interior the semantic center should stand out. In the apartment it can be a living room, and in the living room — a table or a fireplace.

Proportions are a combination of the sizes of these or those interior objects in relation to each other. Developing the design, it is important to combine the proportions with the style of the interior. For example, the Gothic style is the high ceilings and large door openings, which in this case is in a different style will look out of place.

Color is the main instrument of the interior. Often the combination of colors allows you to completely modify the interior. Choosing a color, it is necessary to use the principles of similarity and contrast, as well as accent and nuance.

For each person his house is a fortress, where he can hide from prying eyes, the hustle and bustle, to be alone with himself. And it does not matter whether it is a Studio apartment or a luxurious mansion. The main task of the specialist-to create such interior in which it would be cozy and the owner of a country cottage, and a resident of a small apartment.



We follow the world trends in architecture, interior design and furniture and constantly improve our knowledge and skills.


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