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Wardrobes & Dressing rooms


Choosing those or other wardrobe systems, we strive to use every centimeter of the area reserved for storing things. Some can not cope with this task, despite the fact that each room has a closet. And it's not in the amount of space, but in the rational use of the apartment space.



Modern style and rhythm of life requires increased attention to appearance. For a confident and comfortable life, more and more clothes and shoes are needed daily and their number often no longer fits on the two three shelves of the closet that our parents managed.

Correctly organized space of the dressing room will allow you to quickly find the right thing or to re-measure a large number of outfits in search of new combinations and combinations of colors and textures in clothes. 

Fitted wardrobes will instantly create more space and can be tailored to your room and lifestyle. Freestanding wardrobes compound the problem because they don’t make the most of space or allow for customisation. They instantly create more space – three times more, to be exact – and are available in sizes and finishes to suit all sorts of spaces.



Sliding wardrobes

A sliding door wardrobe from SB TRADE is a practical and functional solution which is suitable for all the rooms in the home. Because the sliding doors are pushed sideways rather than being pulled out into the room, it helps to make the most of the available space.

A customised cupboard with sliding doors offers more storage space and can be designed to meet your needs and the requirements of the room where the cupboard will stand.

Sliding wardrobes
Hinged wardrobes


Hinged wardrobes

Every bedroom needs a wardrobe with plenty of hanging space so that your clothes remain hidden away and in pristine condition. Many people prefer the look of classic hinged wardrobes over more a contemporary-style sliding wardrobes or bi-fold wardrobes.

Yet there’s nothing old-fashioned about hinged wardrobes. Hinged wardrobes are also good choices for guest bedrooms and children’s rooms.


Walk-in Closets

A great closet is something many people vie for and will go to great lengths to get. Some people pay mega bucks to own a closet or storage space, some of which are just tiny cages with a lock for safekeeping! Luckily, most of us can enjoy a home with at least one really great closet that doesn't cost a fortune!

But if you have to choose between a walk-in closet and a reach-in closet for your new apartment or house, take these pros and cons of both into consideration before making a decision!

Walk-in Closets
Storage solutions


Storage solutions

It's becoming more difficult to keep things, there are more of them and not every thing can be refused right now. So things began to turn into dumps our dwellings. It turns out that things are getting bigger, but there are fewer places in the house.

Small houses keep the secret of skilful organization of useful space with the help of reasonably located shelves and multifunctional furniture. They prove that by inviting all your creativity to help, you can use the smallest corner of your house with the maximum benefit.

When selecting and arranging a room under the dressing room, remember that a relatively small amount of things will be accumulated in a relatively small area made of different materials and in different ways. Therefore it is very important that there is a possibility of a good airing of the room. This will save you from heavy stale air with accumulated in it not always healthy substances, but things will prevent from the tracking and development of harmful microorganisms.



Design your own wardrobe or dressing room to create a unique solution that fulfils all your dreams.


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Our designers will work closely with you, listening, advising, planning and designing, to make your domestic dreams a reality with storage space that is not only personalised, but optimised to perfection..

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