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Hinged Wardrobes


Custom designed hinged door wardrobes with hinged doors are ideal for large rooms as they allow maximum access to your wardrobe, but are also great for making the most of those small nooks where you can only fit a single door -such as either side of a fireplace, or at the end of a hall.

Wardrobe doors that open outwards, rather than sliding on a rail, can be made to fit under stairs and sloping ceilings, making them a great storage option for multi-level houses or loft bedrooms. Hinged door wardrobes can be custom built to be placed in corners, with sections of the wardrobe along walls that face different directions.



Many believe that in our time, hinged door wardrobes have lost their popularity compared to the closets. The use of the latter can be justified only in cases where the place in the room does not allow to open the door. However, hinged wardrobes, it's much easier and more practical than others – you can open the door without moving the bulky side panels.

A hinged door wardrobe gives you total flexibility to get the best storage out of any space big or small. Hinged doors are ideal for larger rooms, as they allow maximum access to your wardrobe.

Our hinged doors are available in a range of plain or patterned MDF, timber veneer, solid cedar and laminate options, they can also be customised to include glass or mirror infills.

Choose from a range of height, width, depth and finish options to fit your space and satisfy any aesthetic need. Our closets with hinged doors are ideal for corner placements, bridge solutions, passage solutions, niches and attics.

It is also possible to change the depth of single columns simply by using pilasters. Or you can add optional exterior drawer units and TV niches to the system. There are also multiple ways in which to customise the wardrobe’s interiors: different finishes are available along with a selection of equipment designed to rationalise space.

Modern wardrobes have ceased to be a set of rectangles. In pursuit of beauty and convenience, manufacturers develop modules of different form and functionality. Extra bookcase useful for storing small items. The module with the place under the TV solves the problem of accommodation in the bedroom of this family friend.

Radius elements soften the severity of the wardrobe lines. They look spectacular on the edges of the wardrobe group. When the place is small, useful wardrobe, combined with a bedside table: a niche for magazines, books and phone, in the box you can put makeup; the rest — an ordinary wardrobe.



Do you want to not just spend money, but to do it wisely? Our wardrobe designer will help you.


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