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Linden Wood Sauna


What is a sauna?

The primary goal of visiting a sauna is to cleanse the body using steam. This is an incredibly beneficial activity in which sweating is intensified, helping the body eliminate toxins. In the sauna, heart rate increases, metabolism becomes more intense, and blood circulation is enhanced.

Both dry Finnish saunas and wet steam baths provide our bodies with significant benefits.


The positive effects of sauna visits are diverse:Linden Wood Sauna

1.Cleansing of the skin.

2.Body temperature regulation.

3.Muscle relaxation.

4.Improved blood circulation.

5.Emotional relief.

6.Positive impact on the central nervous system.

7.Improved respiratory function.


9.Prevention and treatment of certain illnesses.

10.Weight loss effect.

11.Enhanced energy metabolism.

12.Calming effect before sleep.

Dry saunas improve skin condition, increase sensitivity, facilitate the treatment of colds, and respiratory system ailments.



The saunas created by SB company are made using premium-class materials to ensure the utmost health, safety, and the best sauna experience!

Many brands advertise saunas as being made from red cedar, but they use less expensive softwood for the internal frame. Our saunas are entirely constructed from high-quality linden wood. High-Quality and Safe WoodLinden wood is a lightweight, durable, dense, and stable hardwood that results in a beautiful, smooth surface with a vibrant and clean appearance when used in sauna construction.

This makes it an excellent choice for building saunas. Unlike cedar, which can irritate the respiratory system, linden wood is the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies who cannot tolerate aromatic oils, perfumes, shampoos, or herbs. Therefore, saunas made from linden wood can be comfortable and refreshing for sensitive individuals.

Resistance to Cracking and Sweat Stains

One of the most important factors is the wood's ability to withstand cracking from repeated heating and cooling. Linden wood naturally possesses high resistance to deformation and cracking due to its dimensional stability after drying, as well as additional resistance to sweat stains.

Overall, Linden wood saunas are designed to provide a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable sauna experience. The choice of Linden wood as the primary material ensures not only an aesthetically pleasing interior but also a sauna that can withstand the rigors of regular use.



Materials for a sauna pertain to various components and consumables necessary for the construction or maintenance of a sauna. Common materials for a sauna may include:

Wood: Wood is the primary material for crafting sauna interiors, benches, and walls. Popular choices include cedar and linden wood due to their durability and resistance to heat and moisture.

Insulation: Proper insulation is essential to maintain heat and energy efficiency in the sauna. Mineral wool or fiberglass insulation is typically used.

Heating Elements: Sauna stoves or heaters are crucial for generating heat. They can be electric, wood-burning, or gas-powered, depending on the sauna type.

Sauna Stones: Sauna stoves require stones that create steam when water is poured onto them. Heat-resistant sauna stones are used for this purpose.

Sauna Doors: Special sauna doors are designed to withstand high temperatures and humidity levels. They often feature tempered glass windows.

Bench Material: Sauna benches should be comfortable and heat-resistant. Wood or materials like Abachi wood are common choices.

Lighting: Saunas may be equipped with specialized light fixtures designed for use in high-temperature environments.

Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is crucial for air circulation and safety in the sauna. Ventilation components may include vents, fans, and ducts. Thermometer and Hygrometer: These instruments are used to monitor the temperature and humidity levels inside the sauna.

Flooring: Sauna floors need to be heat-resistant and slip-resistant. Materials like ceramic tiles, vinyl, or sauna mats are used. Accessories: Various accessories such as sauna buckets, ladles, backrests, and headrests can enhance the sauna experience. Sealants and Adhesives: Heat-resistant sealants and adhesives are used to seal gaps and joints to prevent heat and steam from escaping.

Finishing Materials: Sauna interiors may be finished with materials like tongue-and-groove paneling, tiles, or paint. For a sauna, it's important to select high-quality materials to ensure safety, durability, and comfort. The specific materials you'll need can vary depending on the type of sauna (e.g., traditional, infrared, steam) and your design preferences.


Sauna accessories are items and equipment designed to enhance the sauna experience, improve comfort, and promote relaxation and well-being in a sauna. Here are some common sauna accessories:

Sauna Bucket and Ladle: These are essential for ladling water onto the sauna stones to create steam and increase humidity inside the sauna. The bucket and ladle are often made of heat-resistant wood, such as cedar or pine.

Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer: These instruments help monitor and control the temperature and humidity levels within the sauna. They ensure a comfortable and safe sauna environment.

Sauna Sand Timer: A sand timer can be used to time your sauna sessions, helping you regulate the duration of your stay inside the sauna.

Sauna Backrest and Headrest: These accessories provide added comfort when sitting or lying on the sauna benches. They are typically made of wood, plastic, or other heat-resistant materials.

Sauna Fragrances and Essential Oils: These can be added to the sauna water bucket to infuse the air with pleasant scents and aromatherapy benefits. Common fragrances include eucalyptus, birch, and menthol.

Sauna Lighting: Special sauna lights are designed to withstand high temperatures and humidity. They can enhance the ambiance and relaxation during your sauna session.

Sauna Music and Speakers: Some people enjoy listening to music or guided meditation while in the sauna. Waterproof and heat-resistant speakers and audio devices are available for this purpose.

Sauna Footrest: A footrest can be placed on the sauna bench to elevate your feet and improve circulation while you relax.

Sauna Cleaning Supplies: Keeping your sauna clean is essential for hygiene. Sauna-specific cleaning products and brushes are available to help maintain cleanliness.

Sauna Bathing Whisk (Vihta or Vasta): In some sauna traditions, a bundle of birch or oak branches is used to lightly beat the body, enhancing circulation and relaxation. These accessories can vary in style, material, and design, so you can choose those that best suit your personal preferences and sauna setup. They can enhance the sauna experience, making it more enjoyable, therapeutic, and comfortable.



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