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sliding wardrobes


Sliding wardrobes are considered to be the best way to increase storage in any bedroom and our made to measure sliding wardrobe doors make it even easier to make use of every inch of the space that you have available, without the need to take up valuable flooring space.

We have devoted years of expertise to ensure that the products that we produce are of the very highest quality, meaning that not only will your doors look great as per your very own design and colour combination but the quality of the doors will give you the best quality sliding wardrobe doors on the market.


Sliding wardrobes occupy the first positions in the market of furniture production. Sliding systems play an important role for the duration of operation and proper operation. The "SB TRADE" company brings to your attention everything that is connected with production of sliding wardrobes and sliding systems-the most modern materials and, of course, services.

We realize profiles and accessories for sliding systems of such world famous trademarks as: Meyertimber, Hawa, Hettich, Emuca, Bortoluzzi and other. And also we can offer you the following types of sliding doors:



Sliding door (with profile)

Sliding doors consist of a profile systems, which are made of vertical and horizontal profiles, rails, wheels (door mechanisms), and door filling. The doors slide with wheels in the rails.

According to the quality of the wheels You can judge the quality of the system (the rule expensive – better – does apply here). From that depends, whether the door will slide easily, without noise, or it will squeak and require much force.

Steel and aluminium systems are used for the manufacture of sliding doors. Steel's advantage is the price, aluminium – quality.

Sliding Door (with profile)
Sliding Door (without profile)


Sliding Door (without profile)

In recent years, as an alternative to the classic wardrobes, the popularity of the sliding wardrobes without profile.

When installing the system, the doors are hung on the mechanism, which is already built into the upper and lower guide, and in the closed state of the door is a single line.

The principle of operation of such a door as a whole is similar to the usual door in the wardrobe, that is, it moves along the guide, but at the same time moves forward, bending around the next door and only then goes to the side.


By folding doors

The main advantages of folding doors in front of sliding doors is that you get more access to the contents of the closet compartment. The opening area of the aperture with folding doors is about 80%, and in the two-door wardrobe 50%, because one door is behind the other about half the space.

Folding doors are convenient to use in the corner wardrobes and dressing rooms, as a worthy alternative to the hinged doors, because for the opening you need less space in front of the compartment cupboard.

Folding door coupe can be called a hybrid between swing and sliding door coupe, combining the principles of opening both systems.

by folding door

A wide range of colors and types of aluminum profiles allows you to implement any design solution as an economy class and premium segment, using for filling the facades of certain materials: chipboard, glass, mirror, ratan and even bamboo.



You can be absolutely sure that you will be provided with a full range of services for the processing of facade materials — from trimming the profile in size to the assembly of finished solutions.


Our Partners

Clients and partners choose us for the quality of the products that we produce. From the beginning "SB TRADE" cooperates only with the best partners-suppliers and delivers top quality products to the customers.

Our designers will work closely with you, listening, advising, planning and designing, to make your domestic dreams a reality with storage space that is not only personalised, but optimised to perfection..

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