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The style of interior materials is a painstaking task that requires knowledge and professionalism. Instead of months of work on the project you pay only a few hours of professional designer. He will assess your housing, give General recommendations on colors, finishing materials, talk to you about the rules of placement of furniture in your premises.

If you do not want to puzzle over how to equip your home in accordance with fashion trends, use the services of professional. Specialist of the SB TRADE will give answers to your questions and help you make the right choice!



If you have become the owner of an apartment in a new building or plan to make repairs to housing in the old Fund, qualified recommendations are extremely necessary for you. This is due to the fact that the formation of the interior is carried out in accordance with certain rules.

Our specialist has extensive experience and knows the subtleties of his profession. It creates unique interiors, which reflect the tastes and preferences of owners of apartments and houses! If you need the help of a designer, give preference to the SB TRADE.

After a professional consultation, You'll have no unresolved issues. Our specialist provides high-quality services related to the arrangement of rooms in the style of classic, Provence, avant-garde, minimalism and country.

Also, the designer selects finishing materials with high performance and aesthetic parameters. If all moments are thought correctly, the interior is beautiful, functional and cozy.



- a visual increase in space;

- selection of lighting fixtures;

- division of premises into functional parts: recreation, sleep, games, work and reception area;

- redevelopment of the apartment in accordance with current trends;

- selection of decorative elements that lend to the interior's original features;

- correct placement of furniture;

- choose an interior style that reflects your taste preferences.


The designer will take into account the requirements and provide competent adviceHome Consultation Visit

Turning to us, you will be able to transform the apartment, making it more comfortable and modern. Our specialist consults directly at the site. He examines the premises, draws conclusions and expresses ideas, through which the house will acquire a different kind. You need to state your wishes and outline the big picture.

The designer will take into account the requirements and provide competent advice It is also possible to consult online. This is a convenient way to use the owners of apartments, private houses, country cottages and offices. Without getting up from the chair, you can get good advice on interior design.



"SB TRADE" has an extensive range of innovative storage solutions that can be tailored to suit your specific personal needs, designed to maximise all of the space available.


Our Partners

Clients and partners choose us for the quality of the products that we produce. From the beginning "SB TRADE" cooperates only with the best partners-suppliers and delivers top quality products to the customers.

Our designers will work closely with you, listening, advising, planning and designing, to make your domestic dreams a reality with storage space that is not only personalised, but optimised to perfection..

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